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Lead is a naturally occurring heavy metal found in the earth’s crust that is toxic and hazardous to human health. It is generally present in car batteries, ammunition, and lead-based paint. Exposure to lead either by ingesting it or inhaling dust from lead paint can cause lead poisoning. Lead poisoning occurs when lead accumulates in the body over a long period, usually months or years, resulting in health complications. Some of the health complications and symptoms include headaches, nerve damage, shortage of blood, kidney damage, brain damage, and stunted growth (especially in kids and developing babies). Lead poisoning is more common in homes constructed before 1971. Lead-based paint only poses a health risk when it chips, peels, or produces paint flakes. Therefore, if the lead paint is in good condition, it might not be hazardous to your health. It is, however, safer to remove lead-based paint in your home to prevent future health threats.

Lead Based Paint Removal

Lead dust & walls cleaned carefully

Before you can remove lead paint, you might have to conduct lead testing to determine whether all your wall paint contains lead. The test involves having your home walls scanned with portable X-ray fluorescence (XRF) for the presence of lead or collecting the paint samples and having them tested at an accredited laboratory. Have the dust on your windows and doors and the soil around your home collected and assessed to ensure they are free of lead. As local experts, you can trust us at Irwin Asbestos Management to conduct the tests using methods approved by NATA. You can also carry out the testing on your own with a lead test kit. However, remember that the results might not be as accurate as those made by specialists.

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Lead testing service

If a high lead level is present in or around your living space during a risk assessment, health monitoring should be carried out for you and the members of your household. It is essential to conduct lead testing during a home renovation that includes painting your home or removing the existing wall paints.

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At Irwin Asbestos Management, we use effective methods to ensure that your home is free of lead paint. Our safe methods include:

Preparing your home 

We prepare your home for the paint removal process by first protecting your windows, doors, floors, and pieces of furniture with plastic sheets. This allows us to contain and prevent dust from the lead paint from contaminating other unaffected areas of your living space.

Creating a safe work environment 

We ensure that the work environment is safe for both the homeowner and our workers. Our team of experts observes the required health and safety measures by using personal protective equipment (PPE), especially respiratory protective equipment, while carrying out their duties.

Using safe processes

We avoid dry sanding, abrasive blasting, and chemical lead paint removal methods. Rather, we use the wet sanding process by applying water to the area with a spray bottle. Moreover, we can encapsulate the affected wall by painting over the lead with non-lead paint.

Cleaning up afterwards 

After the whole process, we will use a HEPA vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean or collect the dust and paint debris produced during the removal process. We can also help you dispose of or thoroughly clean the already contaminated clothing and items.

At Irwin Asbestos Management, we provide lead-based paint removal services in Brisbane and throughout the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, and the greater Brisbane area.

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