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Asbestos is a common material in many buildings. It was once a popular building material, but it is now banned in Australia due to its toxic nature. When materials containing asbestos get damaged or disturbed, fibres get released into the air. When inhaled, the fibres cause severe respiratory problems and other environmental issues. Some of the health conditions caused by asbestos include mesothelioma, asbestosis, pleural thickening, and asbestos-related cancer.

As a result, you should have your building inspected for the presence of asbestos. Since the material is banned, you may get into problems with building authorities if the material is found on your property. This should give you the incentive to perform an asbestos inspection and get an asbestos clearance certificate. This article will give you a detailed guide on how to get a clearance certificate.

Here are tips on how you can get an asbestos clearance certificate.

Hire a Licensed Asbestos Inspector

With your limited knowledge of asbestos inspections, you may not be able to carry out the inspection work. It is also a requirement that the inspection work is done by a licensed asbestos removal company. So, the first step towards getting a clearance certificate is to hire the best asbestos removalists to do the inspection.

What Do Asbestos Assessors Check?

During the inspection, asbestos assessors check your building for all asbestos-containing materials. They come with proper protective equipment. The asbestos survey involves visual inspection of your building space, sample extraction, lab analysis, and other tasks. Your asbestos inspector should take a specific number of samples to ascertain if there is a presence of asbestos. During the inspection process, a risk assessment is done to determine the likelihood of the materials to release fibres into the air in their current conditions. During the inspection, some of the major areas that the asbestos assessors focus most include:

• Siding shingles and roofing.

• Patching compounds, ceiling joints, and textured paint.

• Floor and walls around wood-burning stoves.

• Vinyl floor tiles.

• Steam and hot water pipes.

• Coal and oil furnaces.

• Door gaskets.

Preparation of an Asbestos Inspection Report

After the extracted samples have been analysed, your asbestos inspector will take time to prepare a detailed report that will contain the results of the inspection. It shows the areas that have asbestos and the amount. The asbestos inspection report shows plans, drawings, and specifications. It also shows risk assessments and actions that you can take to get rid of the material.

If there is asbestos in your building, it should be removed together with all other hazardous materials. Note that the inspectors cannot provide you with a clearance certificate until the material has been eradicated.

Hire Asbestos Removalists

Your asbestos inspector will hand over the report to you. The professional can give a detailed explanation of the actual condition of the building and the amount of asbestos that needs removal. The report also shows the right actions to be taken. If your safety officer does not offer asbestos removal services, you should hire a reputable company to help eliminate the material safely. Always opt for professionals who have a good reputation and have accreditation from the building authorities in Australia. Your company should be equipped with the latest asbestos removal tools.

Asbestos Removal Process

Depending on the asbestos state, your asbestos removal company can opt for abatement or encapsulation. For encapsulation, the professionals usually coat the asbestos material using a sealant. The coating helps prevent fibres from getting into the air. However, if there is a lot of the material, it has to be eradicated.

The professionals wear protective equipment and coveralls to get rid of asbestos. After the removal process, your asbestos removalists will dispose of the carcinogenic materials as per the set regulations.

Issuance of an Asbestos Clearance Certificate

Once the material is removed entirely from your residential premises, you get a clearance certificate. A clearance certificate is issued to show that your property is free from hazardous materials and has no contamination. Inspection and clearance certificates confirm that the inspectors have taken the following actions:

• Air quality monitoring during the asbestos removal process.

• Testing of dust samples by a NATA accredited laboratory.

• A visual inspection to confirm all the asbestos has been removed.

• Confirmation that the removal job has been done according to the asbestos removal management plan.

• The signing of the certificate by a licensed asbestos assessor.

Why Should You Get an Asbestos Clearance Certificate?

As a property owner, seller or buyer, getting an asbestos clearance certificate can offer you loads of benefits. Below are some of the benefits of an asbestos clearance inspection and certificate:

Guarantees that Your Building is Safe and Compliant

When your building is cleared of any asbestos material, you get assurance that it is safe. It gives you peace of mind knowing that you cannot suffer from any of the health problems caused by asbestos. Moreover, you are also sure that your property meets the safety standards set by building authorities in Australia. With a fully compliant building, you are safe from fines and other penalties imposed by building authorities if they find that your house has asbestos material.

Necessary During Pre-Purchase Inspections

Before buying a property, you should perform a thorough inspection to ensure it is in the right conditions. Getting a clearance certificate is a sure way to buy a property free of asbestos and other hazardous materials. It guarantees you will be safe in the new house and save you on extra and unwanted costs. It saves you the costs that may occur to treat the different health problems and fines that may come about due to asbestos materials in your property.

Ensures Environmental Safety

Making sure that your building is free of asbestos is a great way to improve environmental safety. Asbestos material can get into the air when disturbed or damaged. When it gets into the air, it causes air pollution.

Inhaling asbestos fibres is a major cause of the health issues related to the material. Thus, getting the certificate is a great way to be a part of the many initiatives geared towards the promotion of environmental safety.

Bottom Line

Getting an asbestos clearance certificate is easy and offers all the above benefits. All you need to do is ensure you work with asbestos removalists with vast experience and a good reputation.

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