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You may find asbestos roofs in a lot of Australian houses. Asbestos was used widely for roofing in the bygone eras until research found out that it is a potentially harmful substance. Asbestos roofs are dangerous to the environment and human beings. If you are reading this, chances are that your roof is made of asbestos and you are wondering how you can get rid of it before it poses further health risks to your loved ones or you. You might also be wondering what might be the cost of asbestos removal for either part of your roof or the entire roof as a whole. Well, you will need a good professional inspection before you remove your asbestos roofing. Furthermore, you should get professional asbestos removal experts to do the job because of its hazardous nature.

History of Asbestos

At around 2000 BC, asbestos was being used by ancient Egyptians in cooking pots and for embalming their Pharaohs. Years later it was discovered that asbestos can be used for building and various builders resorted to using it. Asbestos has been used for hot water pipe insulation, general ceiling insulation, both external and internal cladding, and more commonly in roofing. Asbestos was used to roof and insulate many homes because it was cheap to come by.

A lot of health concerns sprung up in Australia around 1910 to 1913 about the dangers of asbestos. However, the material was still being used for building purposes. By the 1960s, the seriousness of the hazardous nature of asbestos was emphasised. It was not until the1970s that the unions related to building and construction demanded that asbestos be banned. Since then, asbestos was avoided by builders and homeowners alike. In 2003, the asbestos ban was fully implemented by the Australian government.

Although asbestos was banned in Australia in 2003, many homes notably called fibro homes built before the ban still have asbestos roofing and cladding. Asbestos Is dangerous and if you intend to buy a home for your family, call an asbestos removal specialist to inspect the property for any traces of the mineral in the building materials. It is approximated that around 600 Australians die each year due to asbestos-induced conditions.

Types of Asbestos

Generally, people do not know the two types of asbestos. It might be helpful for you to understand that asbestos can be present in two distinct conditions, the first onxposure to this form of asbestos can cause serious health risks to anyone. This asbestos type is loose in nature and can easily find its way to your lungs. You should get a licensed asbestos removalist to get rid of it without exposing you to its hazard.

The loose friable asbestos was used for insulation in ceilings. It does, however, pose a major health risk if cut into either by accident or during renovation. This type of asbestos has been removed from most buildings but some buildings still do possess it in the form of bonded asbestos. It is easily let loose and released in the air or it can stay on the ground where it risks being released once again into the air. Friable asbestos also comes in other forms notably:

• Plaster sealants

• Fibre boards

• Carpet underlay

• Spray-on asbestos as a sound insulant

• Backing material on vinyl floor tiles and other floor tiles

• Hot water pipes insulation

Another type of asbestos is bonded asbestos. This type of asbestos if not cut into may not cause serious health problems. Bonded asbestos is mostly used in exterior and interior cladding. If cut into, it can result in serious respiratory conditions which get worse with time.

In short, any damage to bonded asbestos whether it has deteriorated, been brushed, or weathered will turn it into unbonded asbestos so keep this in mind. For safe removal of asbestos roofs, you should contact an expert asbestos remover to handle the matter.

If you want to remove an asbestos roof on your house or carry out a renovation, please do not do it yourself. Even if you need to remove hot water pipes or floor tiles, it is advisable to contact a licensed asbestos removalist to do the job.

Health Risks of Asbestos

If exposed to asbestos, it poses a danger to you and your loved ones. Therefore, it should be avoided at any cost. It is also good to note that some people do not always develop asbestos-related health issues when they get exposed to or in contact with it. This is because the risk of health problems related to asbestos varies due to various factors such as:

• If the person smokes cigarettes

• The quantity of asbestos in the air

• If the person has pre-existing breathing or lung problems

• How long has one been exposed to asbestos

• How long has it been since the exposure to asbestos

What Should You Do on Suspicion of Asbestos Exposure?

If you have been exposed to asbestos, it is only natural to be concerned about the dangers it might cause to your body. In most instances, the risk of asbestos to your health due to short-term asbestos exposure is negligible. To develop serious asbestos-induced conditions, you have to breathe in a good amount of asbestos friable fibres and for a long period.

If you believe that you have been exposed to asbestos recently or in the past then it is time to take the necessary precautions. It is good for you to note that not everyone who has been exposed to asbestos can develop life-threatening breathing or lung conditions. However, you should see your doctor if you suspect that you have been affected by asbestos for a check-up and medical precautionary measures. Here are some symptoms of asbestos-related exposure:

• Chest pain and shoulders

• You might experience shortness of breathing

• You may also develop persistent coughing

• You may start wheezing

• You may develop swollen or clubbed fingertips

• In some instances, you may feel extreme tiredness or fatigue

How Much Does It Cost to Remove an Asbestos Roof?

The basic factors that play a huge influence on the cost of removing asbestos in Australia include the location of your property, the size of asbestos to be removed, and the condition of the asbestos itself.

The cost of asbestos removal is charged per square metre. Safe removal of asbestos is key, but the removal price cannot be overlooked. Expect to pay around $30-$55 per square metre to have asbestos removed safely from your home. When you hire an asbestos remover to remove your roof and dispose of the waste asbestos, you should ensure that they are licensed to do the job. They should also have good experience due to the hazardous nature of the job. Other factors that affect the cost of asbestos roof removal include:

• The overall condition of the asbestos. The more damaged it is the more it costs to remove.

• The quantity of asbestos being removed. The more the amount of asbestos removed the more it will cost you.

• The complexity of accessing and removing the asbestos roof.

• Whether the asbestos is friable or non-friable.

Here are further approximate costs on average that you might expect to pay for various asbestos removal tasks in your home or business premises. Note that, it can cost less to remove a large amount of asbestos roof because a small amount means the travel time cost, tipping costs and set up time might be higher.

• You will be charged about $3500 to $5500 for asbestos roof removal

• You might be expected to pay about $25 to $50 to get rid of a sheet of asbestos fencing

• You might be charged around $4000 to $6000 to remove external cladding

• You can be charged about $190 to $200 per tonne to remove asbestos-contaminated soil

• You might be charged about $1200 to $1600 to remove internal cladding for a single room

• You can expect to pay around $200 to $1000 to remove asbestos flooring depending on the size of the area to be removed

• It might cost you around $1400 to $2500 to remove eaves

• You can expect to pay around $40 to $120 to remove asbestos ceiling per square metre

Factors to Consider When Hiring an Asbestos Roof Remover

You should hire a professional asbestos roof removal expert to help you remove and dispose of asbestos materials rather than doing it yourself. It doesn't matter if it is your residence or commercial premises, a licensed asbestos remover is worth hiring. A great asbestos abatement company has the right tools and expertise when it comes to the removal of these toxic minerals. They should have the capacity to follow due process and regulations to keep you and their crew safe during the removal. They should also have the capacity to test and inspect your property for any traces of asbestos before they come up with removal cost guides.

Some of the places in your property where you can find asbestos present include:

• In wall sheeting

• Roofing

• In drywall

• Ceiling insulation material

• In gaskets

• In adhesives

• Carpet underlay

• In corrugated sheeting

• Inside soundproofing materials

• In textiles

• In textured paints

• In fireproofing materials

• In external and internal sheeting

Important Things to Consider Before Asbestos Roof Removal

The risk of asbestos exposure increases during removal and disposal. You need to consider a lot of important things before contracting an asbestos removal company to do the overall removal job and disposal: from checking out removal cost guides to asbestos identification and so on. It doesn't matter whether it is a commercial, industrial, or residential asbestos removal project. The factors listed below need not be overlooked:

• How much will it cost to remove the asbestos?

• Has the property been thoroughly inspected for the presence of asbestos?

• Does the asbestos removal company have the expertise and experience necessary to handle the job?

• Do they have the right license to carry the removal and disposal of asbestos?

• How and where will they dispose of the asbestos?

• Does the removal company have insurance for the project?

In Conclusion

You might have bought a property only to realise one or several parts of the property has asbestos present. It could be your insulation, internal or external cladding, or even your roof and you need it removed as quickly and safely as possible. Yes, asbestos is hazardous and you need to bring on board an asbestos removal expert to get rid of it.

It is also good to understand that asbestos is more dangerous if it is in a friable condition. You need to know on average what asbestos removal costs apply to your property depending on the complexity and amount of asbestos present. Take care of your family and your health and call an asbestos removal company to help you get rid of and safely dispose of the asbestos roof in your property. Avoid going DIY to remove it for the sake of your health.

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